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A photo collection by Desenio

Caught up in the moment, losing track of time. All we have is tonight. Celebrate life, celebrate you.

The Studio Collection Luxe lets us indulge in life’s luxuries, feel the thrill of the unknown and enjoy not taking life too seriously. Created by our very own Design Studio, this collection embodies our longing for some much-needed fun! Bring on the sparkly dresses, the high heels, and the nights you never want to end. Celebrate life, celebrate you.

"We wanted to create a story that invites us into a world of optimism and lighthearted fun, a world where the present moment is all that matters and possibilities feel endless."
Annica Wallin, Creative Director

Sparkly photo art collection - Studio Luxe

Explore a world filled with adventure, luxury and celebration - explore Studio Luxe! This photo art collection by Desenio's Design Studio celebrates life, and allows us to long for the better times ahead. With these sparkling prints you can create a gallery wall filled with life and make your home a place to escape reality.

Similar to the roaring 20's, all we're longing for now is late nights with friends, sparkling dresses and adventures. Studio Luxe is the perfect way to dream yourself away to those fun nights out, and the photo art collection will bring some sparkle and colour to your walls. Explore the collection now and find your favourite prints!