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The gallery wall is here to stay! A carefully planned gallery wall is one of the most effective ways to put a personal stamp on your home. Read here for our best tips, and things to consider when designing your own gallery wall.


Embellish your home with a gallery wall

When creating a gallery wall, we all know it's a good idea to have a plan before driving that first nail into the wall. Consider if you want your wall to stick to a certain color scheme or a certain theme - do you want it to be sleek and timeless, or do you want to create an expressive gallery wall with lots of contrasts? If you have posters in a monochrome theme or a homogenous artistic style, we recommend using frames in different colors and materials to create contrast. Conversely, if you need to create harmony between a medley of prints, do the opposite - choose frames in the same color and style for counterbalance.

"Let your gallery wall mirror who you are and the things you like"

After you've picked motifs, it's time to start planning where on the wall they should be displayed. Place your prints on the floor, and try different combinations until you find a variation you are happy with. You don't always need to nail holes in the wall to create an expressive gallery wall; it can be equally effective to lean the posters against the wall propped on a piece of furniture, a picture ledge, or hung with a poster clip.

Gallery wall templates

See our compilation of gallery wall templates, including full measurements, which can be adapted to both small and large walls, and serves as a starting point or inspiration when creating your gallery wall.

Tavelvägg mall med Postercollage för hall och små rum

Small gallery wall template

Perfect for smaller rooms and walls for the home or office. Combined measurements: 78x67 cm with 7 cm space.

Tavelvägg mall till mindre rum och väggar

Small gallery wall template

A perfect collage for the entry hall, smaller rooms or smaller walls. Combined measurements: 124x77 cm with 7 cm space.

Tips på tavelvägg mall. Posters collage

Small gallery wall template

This collage works perfectly in small rooms. Combined measurements: 98x84 cm with 7 cm space.

Tavelcollage till små väggar och rum

Small gallery wall template

A small gallery wall looks great in the hallway. It will also look nice in smaller bedrooms and kitchens. Combined measurements: 86x77 cm with 7 cm space.

Tavelvägg och tavelcollage för ditt hem eller kontor

Medium gallery wall template

Perfect for larger rooms and walls in the home or office. Combined measurements: 155x87 cm with 7 cm space

Tavlor och posters collage placerade till en tavelvägg

Medium gallery wall template

Play with different combinations and find the perfect collage for your wall. Combined measurements: 134x87 cm with 7 cm space.

Posters satta ihop till ett collage, passar perfekt för tomma väggar

Medium gallery wall template

PDon’t keep your walls empty, add more life to the room with a gallery wall. Combined measurements: 135x117 cm with 7 cm space.

Mellanstor tavelvägg som passar perfekt till vardagsrummet eller större väggar

Medium gallery wall template

Combine posters into a collage of your favorite motifs. Works perfectly in larger walls and rooms. Combined measurements: 98x77 cm with 7 cm space.

Stor tavelvägg med postesr för större väggar och rum

Large gallery wall template

Combine posters in a collage, perfect for larger walls. Keep in mind to center the pictures and make sure you don’t hang them too high up on the wall. Combined measurements: 181x117 cm with 7 cm space.

Inspiration till din tavelvägg och posters collage

Large gallery wall template

Combine small and large posters to add a vivid feel to your gallery wall. Combined measurements: 184x137 cm with 7 cm space.

Inspiration för uppsättning av dina posters och tavlor

Large gallery wall template

Combine your favorite motifs in various sizes into a trendy gallery wall. Combined measurements: 181x127 cm with 7 cm space

Tavelcollage att inspireras av

Large gallery wall template

Large gallery wall that will look great in spacious living rooms and larger walls at home or in the office. Combined measurements: 204x147 cm with 7 cm space.

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