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8” x 12” prints

Posters & Prints

In this category you'll find our large assortment of 8” x 12” posters. Posters are a trendy way to decorate your walls, and here at Desenio you will find a wealth of posters to suit most homes. Our 8” x 12” posters and prints can be matched together and even combined with other sizes to create a beautiful gallery wall.


Are you looking for posters in a particular size? Then you've come to the right place! We have assembled all of our 8” x 12” posters here, with which you can elegantly adorn the walls of your home. Here at Desenio, you'll find posters and prints with myriad designs both in colour and black-and-white. All of our posters are high quality and perfectly express Scandinavian design.  Not sure how to combine your posters and prints? Have a peek in our inspiration rooms under the Inspiration category for tips on how to style your home!