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12" x 16"

Canvas prints

Are you looking for canvasses in the size 12" x 16"? In that case, you have come to the right place. Here we have collected all of our 12" x 16" canvasses for you to decorate your home with. Trendy and qualitative art in various types of styles.

Canvas wall art 12" x 16"

Canvas wall art in 12" x 16" is the perfect choice if you want to combine your favorite canvas prints! The smaller size is easy to fit on many walls, and it's perfect to choose when you have an empty wall space in your home in need of a new look.

With 12" x 16" canvas art you can combine your favorite styles and create a larger gallery wall, and only your imagination will set the limits! For the minimalist, you can find canvas paintings in neutral colours, and if you want your art to be the centre of attention you can find canvas wall art with abstract, bold patterns.

Explore all our canvas prints in 12" x 16" and find your favorite canvas to order at home!