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”Through art, we can express what's hidden in our hearts.”

Meet our Desenio Ambassador Anna Lewandowska! In collaboration with our Design Studio, Anna has created an art collection that will bring a summer feel to your walls.

As a reminder of the sunny days ahead, Anna Lewandowska's art collection for Desenio will bring a calming summer feel to your home with a color palette featuring sea blues and soft beige hues.


"My collection represents everything that brings me true joy. My daughters, who inspired the Thumbelina print, my passion for sports, and my house in Mallorca, where I feel relaxed and calm. I think you can tell that summer is my favorite season."

As a World Championship medalist in karate, fitness trainer and wellness entrepreneur, Anna is on a mission to change people's lives, inspiring healthier habits and self-care, which heavily inspired her art collection.


"Everything I do is connected with my passion for health. It's the DNA of all my businesses; I cannot imagine my art collection not reflecting that."


Besides training and a healthy diet, self-care is essential.

"I am always looking for balance; finding it is a challenge. I feel a lot of women are perfectionists and want to be 100% in every way. I try to remember that I am also just Anna, apart from being a mum, wife, and businesswoman. I like spending time with myself. Going for a run, taking a walk in the woods, or going away with a friend for the weekend. These are important moments that make me feel balanced."


Anna lives with her husband, Robert Lewandowski, and their two daughters in Germany, appreciating the moments when the whole family is at home together.


"Our days are never the same; our jobs require us to be very flexible. So when we can just press pause at home and be together, we really appreciate that. My family is my number one in life."


She describes her interior style as cozy and relaxing.

"The most important thing for me is coziness - I want my children to feel happy and safe. It's also very important that our home suits our lifestyle, athletes need a good environment for rest, so I wanted to create interiors that encourage that. I would describe my style as minimalist, natural, and happy."


Growing up in an artistic family, Anna has always been surrounded by creativity. With a mix of photo art, quotes, and illustrations, the collection gives us a glimpse into Anna's life and the things that matter most to her.

"I used to be very passionate about photography; some of the illustrations in the collection are based on my own photographs. For me, art makes a house a home. Through art prints, we can express what's hidden in our hearts. They can also remind us of what is most important."


Explore Anna's beachy art collection made with love in collaboration with our Design Studio.

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