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Get the look: Art Life

Artsy and full of color, Art Life is about not taking life too seriously. Dive into a world full of bold colors, playful art and a happy-go-lucky attitude this fall.

Let’s get creative! Our fall trend story Art Life is full of energy, featuring a rainbow palette of bright and bold colors to choose from. Pick one bold color and use it as an accent in your home or go all out, mixing and matching from the entire palette as you go. There are no rules!

1. Colorful art

Art is a key player in this trend, a perfect way to add color to your home in both an affordable and stylish way. This bold color trend is reflected in our fall art drop with prints featuring bright yellows, reds, greens and oranges. A quirky mix of art prints will bring tons of personality to your home!

2. Explore your style

This trend is all about letting your personality shine! When choosing your art picks, don’t take it too seriously, just choose the prints that speak to you! Experiment by mixing unexpected art styles and colors. Think of your walls as an art exhibition - playful and unique art prints set the tone!

3. Create a perfect pair

Make a statement with this trend by choosing two art prints you love and pairing them together. Your perfect pair will look great above a sideboard or in a hallway, creating a focal point in the room. Try choosing prints that are tone-on-tone, or alternatively, contrast colors. If you’re looking to add a lot of color, try creating a rainbow effect with the art prints you choose.