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Get the look: Soft Moments

Introducing Soft Moments, one of Desenio’s AW21 trend collections! Breathe into the present and reset your space with warm tones and relaxing neutral prints. Sink into soft blankets with a hot drink and a good book - the world can wait.

“The Soft Moments trend collection celebrates elegance and serenity through a curated and clean nordic style with a Japanese touch. Natural browns and shadow greys come together to create a comforting, natural, and modern space where one can be at peace,” says Annica Wallin, Creative Director at Desenio.


The Soft Moments trend is about creating a space that works for you. Design a comfortable home office, or create an elegant and relaxed feeling in your living room. Below, we show you how to get the look in your home.


This trend mixes warm neutrals with cooler grey-blue shades to achieve a serene and balanced feeling. Choose cool blues such as Pantone’s Northern Droplet or Quarry, and add warmer shades in both interiors and accessories - we recommend Chateau Grey and Iced Coffee.


The prints in the Soft Moments collection feature calming illustrations and photography in complementary tones. Mix and match your favorite quotation prints with art prints to create a gallery wall. If you want to feature one or two art prints on a wall, choose larger sizes for a beautiful effect.

Choose the Mindfulness quotation print for a beautiful reminder to stay in the moment.

The Gliding Swan print mixes warm browns with grey tones in an impressionist style of art, making it a perfect choice for the Soft Moments look.


Choose a statement ornament as a centerpiece for your home - soothing shapes help to create a zen environment that will help you to relax.

Bring peace and mindfulness to your daily ritual by investing in a beautiful journal. It won’t only look great on your coffee table: keeping a journal is proven to reduce stress and inspire creativity.

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