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Abstract wall art

Posters & Prints

Abstract wall art is often a creative mix of different colors, shapes, and patterns that together form a unique design. The art form leaves space for the viewer to freely interpret the motif, and creates an intriguing focal point in your home!

Decorate with abstract wall art

Abstract art is a popular art form, where exciting combinations of color, shape, and pattern create unique experiences for the viewer. Abstract wall art is often described as non-figurative art, where the viewer gets to make her own interpretation of the motif. The art form featuring different colors and shapes combined with each other is a popular choice for a Scandinavian decor style, as the perfect way to add color and expression to the home. If your home already has a lot of color and contrast, more minimalist abstract art may be the perfect solution!

We offer a large selection of affordable abstract prints and posters in different styles. Among our designs, you’ll find posters based on original paintings, in which the texture of the canvas is still visible on the print; hand-painted watercolors; and graphical prints. Discover our different abstract posters and find the motifs that speak to you! Looking for tips on how to combine them on a gallery wall? Check out our Inspiration rooms to see how we love to combine our different designs.
You can also discover more art prints in our dedicated category where we have gathered all different styles and artistic motives.