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Botanical art prints

Posters & Prints

Who says you need green thumbs to turn your home into an oasis? Create a beautiful garden with the help of our botanical prints and bring nature inside. Discover our large selection of prints and posters featuring everything from green leaves, plants and flowers. Decorate your home with beautiful botanical prints! 

Botanical prints

In our Botanical category, you'll find a large selection of posters featuring botanical designs. Adorn your walls with beautiful green leaves, plants, and floral to create a beautiful sense of well-being in the home. Posters with greenery combine nicely with living potted plants and flowers. No need for green thumbs to create a jungle or beautiful garden in your home - look no further than our botanical prints to get the indoor oasis you crave. Monstera leaves, palm leaves, and dandelion are some of our most popular posters in this category. We print on uncoated, thick paper using an offset technique to give the posters a matte and exclusive finish. You can also shop by clicking on our inspiration photos, where we show posters combinations in various settings. Find affordable wall art online at Desenio.

Posters featuring florals, cacti, and more!

The possibilities are endless with botanical art - create a romantic gallery wall with posters featuring roses, peonies, and other flowers. Prefer a more Scandinavian decor with sleek illustrations of black and white plants? Or maybe trendy cacti prints or palm leaves in vivid shades for a more tropical touch? We have something for everyone! Tip: Use botanical designs with a kitchen theme, such as posters featuring spices and vegatables, to create a kitchen that inspires. Vintage botanical prints are the perfect complement to a country-vibe home, and photo posters featuring green plants look great paired with living plants. You'll also find plant posters with modern graphical prints of plants, and beautiful illustrations of all our outdoor favorites.