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High West Wild

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American artist Rebecca Zwanzig has always gravitated towards creativity and self-expression, majoring in art during her studies in college. Her detailed and colorful compositions capture the essence of the natural world and stem from her fascination with scientific studies of plants and creatures.

”I’m inspired by vintage textiles and illustrations, scientific botanical art, and typography from the 60s and 70s. I enjoy depicting various forms of flora and fauna through my imaginative lens, creating imaginary botanicals that showcase my distinctive artistic style”, she says.

Illustrations by High West Wild

Rebecca is an illustrator and freelance designer and is the creator behind High West Wild. She lives in Northern Nevada and has since she was a little child, loved to draw and create. During her school years, she pursued film photography and graphic design which gave her some good tools. Rebecca discovered her joy in oil painting and switched the focus of her major art to paintings. 

During the pandemic, Rebecca bought an iPad, allowing her to express herself in a new way through digital art. The digital art tools helped her develop a more intricate and detailed interpretation, which could reflect her deep love for botanical illustrations more profoundly.

She creates her own imaginary botanicals. Wanting the viewer to feel a love for nature, kindness, and nostalgia for design through her illustrations. Her themes are inspired by vintage textiles and illustrations, scientific botanical art, and the groovy typography of the 60s and 70s. Rebecca is one of our talented Featured Artists. Let yourself get enchanted by her stunning botanical illustrations at Desenio!