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Coordinates & Locations posters

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Remember a special place with a coordinates poster! Add coordinates to these personalized posters to remember where you met, where you proposed, or any other special place you both keep dear. Simply choose your favorite design and then add the name or coordinates of a place you both love, that holds a special meaning. Relive the day, and memories that come along, with our coordinate posters.

Personalized coordinates posters with your text

Coordinates posters is a fun and stylish way of looking back on a special date. We have many designs for you to choose from. After choosing your favorite design you add the name of the special location or coordinates to finalize the design. Done!

Let the personalized poster take place in the hallway or the bedroom where it can be seen easily, and for you to get a daily reminder of your special place. A coordinate poster can be used to remember many different locations! Did you propose somewhere special, or got engaged? Do you simply miss the city you used to live in and want to honour it? These designs are the ones for you! Add a personal touch to your gallery wall with one of these personalized posters.

Discover all prints in the category of personalized posters only available at Desenio, and personalize your own coordinates poster today.