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20” x 28” prints

Posters & Prints

This is where you’ll find our posters in size 20” x 28” - one of our most popular sizes! Decorate with posters that communicate something about you and your interests! We carry a wide selection of 20” x 28” posters in various styles, colors, and patterns!

Posters and prints sized 20” x 28”

Decorating with posters is a stylish way to add that personal touch to your home. We offer a large selection of posters, and in this category you will find our large posters in a 20” x 28” format. Our affordable posters are chic and can always boast top quality. Combine several prints in a stylish gallery wall to give your home a personal touch. Under the category Inspiration, you can see our ‘inspiration rooms’ and find tips on how to match your prints to create the perfect gallery wall!