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Studio Collection: Coast to Coast

We are proud to finally be able to present our new studio collection ‘Coast to Coast’, which features designs by our creative team! The collection highlights our journey from one U.S. coast to another, where we visit Miami, Los Angeles, and Palm Springs. Join us for a photo journey that is guaranteed to give you wanderlust!

During the trip across the U.S., we visited iconic locations around Miami, Los Angeles, and Palm Springs. The carefully chosen motifs from Florida and California draw inspiration from the latest trends within design, architecture, and fashion.

Desenio’s Creative Director, Annica Wallin, describes the collection:

”Desenio is always working with the latest in design trends, and our Studio series is an additional way to position ourselves. Our creative team has photographed three unique collections that communicate exactly what we wanted to convey about every location - including everything from arid desert landscapes and tropical beaches, to Art Deco architecture and urban city environments.”


The designs captured in Miami are largely influenced by the turquoise ocean that stretches along the city’s coast, neon signs, and the Art Deco-style buildings. The photo art from the American coastal city is dominated by a color scale consisting of turquoise and summery pastels, and is sure to add the perfect pop of color to your home.


Los Angeles

In Los Angeles, you can follow us to popular Venice Beach, Griffith Observatory, and the Santa Monica area. Just like our posters convey, L.A. treats us to boardwalks, skateboard parks, and a metropolitan lifestyle - the perfect mix that we are more than happy to liven up our walls at home with.


Palm Springs

After a period of intensive shooting in Miami and Los Angeles, our creative team heads to Palm Springs to find the calm. Desert landscapes, chalky white houses with colorful doors, and the Joshua Tree National Park resulted in these 12 amazing designs that immediately prompt dreams of visiting the area.


We are incredibly proud to present this photo collection produced by Desenio’s own creative team. Join us for a design- and inspiration trip with this wonderful collection of photo art!

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